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On the academy
Naruto's pov :
"Naruto where are you going?" Sasuke's asked me
"Sasuke.... Naruko is late i must go I'm worried" I answered
(I have a bad feeling myself) Sasuke thoughts "I'm going with you loser" Sasuke told Naruto
"Ok lets go!!" I shouted
On the way we saw a guy with black coat and a laying body on the floor and there was a lot of blood
"wha-what happened here?" I shouted
Then me and sasuke went to see what happened here then we saw …
Naruto&Sasuke said: "NARUKO !!!"
Naruko's pov :
"ugh sas... sasuke na ... naruto ... stay away" I said
"WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU NARUKO?!!" Naruto screamed even tears was falling by I could say that Sasuke was shocked
"Naruko ... You bastard you are going to pay for this" Said Sasuke
P.S (Naruto and Sasuke didn't see Itachi's face they couldn't just Naruko)
"hahaha pay for this? You are joking she is going to die ... but i guess i should kill you two first" Said Itachi with a cold voice
(I must move or else ...) I thought to myself
"DIE !!" Itachi said while running to them
"NO!! Naruto Sasuke run for your lives now !!" I screamed
"No one is going to live and now die .... wh- what?!" Said Itachi
"AHH!! na...ruto thank god that ... you are ok ...." I said
Itachi tried to kill them but I was on his way I had to,I must protect them
"NARUKO NO" Said both Naruto and Sasuke
Then I fainted and Naruto was holding me
"Naruko Naruko come on wake up please don't leave me alone … you're the only family I have COME ON NARUKO!!" Said Naruto while holding my body
"You … You are going to regret this ..." Said Sasuke
"Ok then nothing will protect you two from me now ..." Said Itachi while walking towards them
Naruto's pov:
"And now your END!!" Itachi shouted while running towards us
"Not this fast .." A man appeared in front of us with a black mask and a green vest it was
"Kakashi-sensai!!!" Naruto screamed "Sensei please help Naruko I don't want to lose her please help me" Naruto told Kakashi while tears was fulling from his eyes
(The famous copy ninja Kakashi, this is taking too long I'll go now and come later or the leader gonna get me in trouble) Itachi's Thoughts then disappears
"Where did he go?" Sasuke wondered
"That's not important, now we must take Naruko to the hospital" Kakashi replied
Then Kakashi took Naruko's body and we went to the hospital fast

After 2 hours at the hospital
"Why its' taking all this time?!!" Naruto shouted
"Loser you have to wait .. this is all we can do" Sasuke replied
"You both should calm down now, Naruko's body was fully destroyed and she lost a lot of blood so you guys have to wait" Said Kakashi
Then the doctor came out from the operation room
"DOCTOR what happened to my sister? is she alright?" Naruto shouted while running at the doctor
Then Kakashi hit Naruto's head
"Aww why the hell did you do this?" Said Naruto
"You should calm down" Kakashi Replied
"I'm worried..." Naruto told Kakashi
"So doctor?" Kakashi asked the doctor
"Naruko is going to be fine right?" Sasuke asked the doctor
"Don't worry she is fine but she is asleep in her room now ,you can go and see but don't speak loudly she needs a lot of rest" The doctor replied
Sasuke's pov:
(Thank god ... what? I'm an avenger i can't fall in love with anyone right?) Sasuke's thoughts
"Lets go Kakashi sensei come on come on" Naruto shouted he was happy to hear that Naruko is fine but so am I
Naruto's pov:
as we walked to Naruko's room her face was so peaceful I was relieved
"Naruko..." Said Naruto
"Don't worry Naruto she's going to be fine" Kakashi told Naruto
"hai" Naruto replied
Sasuke's pov:
she was so beautiful her gold her on her pillow and her peaceful face
(Its good to fall in love with her right? She's different from the other girls ...) Sasuke's thought's

To be continued .....
Naruto : sigh
Me : what's wrong Naruto?
Naruto : I want Naruko to wake up TT.TT
Me : don't worry she already passed away
Naruto : wha- WHAT ?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME ?!
Me : hey calm down she's not dead if you want to know just wait
for the next chapter and you are going to know what will happened to your sis
Naruto : (that girl ... sigh at least sas-guy isn't here)
i hope u like the story until now ~~
what ganna happin to naruko? and is sasuke fall in love with naruko?
and why itachi attaked naruko ? all the answeres
in the next chapter
see ya ~

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